The Mermaid Mala – NZ$60

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The Seahorse


The Seahorse Mala – NZ$60

The Seahorse is made with Amazonite, Picture Jasper, Aventurine and Aquamarine.  For the girl who is grounded and content to be herself.  It is also protective, assists with communication and gaining perspective of both sides of any situation and aids with balance.  It soothes, calms and relieves fear and anxiety.

The calm mannered seahorse, who has a body which has not evolved over time, is geared for ambling type motion, not speed.  They are symbolic of patience and contentment; content to be who they are and where they are, without feeling the need to change.

The seahorse wraps its tail around the nearest object in order to achor itself in turbulent waters.  This is a lesson to be persistent in our goals, but be mindful that we are not too inflexible or stubborn in our achieving them.

A unique aspect of the seahorse is that the male is impregnated by the female.  This is a message about sharing the load at home, and gaining perspective of both sides (or genders) of any argument or situation.  The seahorse awakens the male/female balance of duties and responsibilities.  Aids in bringing forth romance and deeper connections to relationships.

Often when a seahorse comes to us it is a sign that we either need protection from our external circumstances, or we are building walls that are not needed.  Their armor-bodies are a sign that sometimes we might need to let our guard down or perhaps we are leaving it too open to get hurt.

Amazonite is a stone of protection and is used to keep harm away.  It balances the femine and masculine energies, helping to both manifest and retain the pure energy of universal love.  Deeply stimulating for the heart and throat chakras; its energy is personal truth, expressing one’s heart through communication. Its an extremely soothing stone, it restores calm after a storm.  It calms the brain and aligns the physical body with the etheric, allowing you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It increases self-respect, especially in women and reduces tendencies to self-neglect.

Picture Jasper is a harmonising stone.  It’s grounding energy can give you a strong sense of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going.  Jasper is used for relaxation and contentment, compassion, nuturing and consolation; it relieves mental stress and achieves balance in your life.  It gives protection and aligns chakras and balances yin-yang energies.  It is useful to stabilize the aura and balance the physical emotional and intellectual bodies with the ethereal.  A very positive stone to have around you at all times.

Aventurine protects your energy from others tapping in, helps you in making the right decisions, motivates, heals past emotional wounds and allows you to express your individuality.

Aquamarine provides protection at sea, releases fear and anxiety, relaxes you, provides insight and protection when dealing with people, mental clarity, courage and freedom.

One Love




By purchasing these handmade prayer beads before the end of November 2012, you are making a kind donation to the Pink & Steel Pilates Trust.  I am running the Kerikeri Half Marathon on 17 November 2012 with Active Physio Kerikeri, to help raise funds and awareness for the Trust.

The Pink & Steel Pilates Trust’s mission is to inspire and allow all men and women with cancer the opportunity to rehabilitate and regain their confidence and strength.

The One Love Mala is made from rudraksha seeds and healing crystals.  Rose quartz (the stone of love), rhodonite (the rescue stone) and pink opal (the hope stone) exude nurturing vibrations promoting universal love and self love, joy, peace, hope and healing – for the wearer and those around them.

To purchase please follow these instructions:

  • Click “Donate Now
  • Donation amount: “other: $60”
  • Team member: Isabel Blake
  • Message: ONE LOVE
  • Name (or nick name): insert your name
  • Fill out the rest of the form and make the donation.

THEN please email me and tell me you have made a $60 donation in payment for your One Love Mala and give me your postal address.

One Love bracelet – NZ$15 + p&p

The Hippie



The Hippie Mantra Necklace

Hippies seek to free themselves from societal restrictions, choose their own way, be themselves and find new meaning in life. They respect individual rights, question authority, and distance themselves from the “straight” and “square”  conformist segments of society. Hippies tend to be associated with are altruism and mysticism, honesty, joy and nonviolence.  They live in the present moment and create their own communities, and feel a strong connection with the earth and their role of protecting it and promote peace, not war.  They are also artistic, creative and love their trancey music festivals.

If your intention is consistent with the Hippie then this charmed piece of jewellery is perfect for you. We lovingly put together an effective combination of gemstones to heal you.

Ruby Zoisite supports individuality, creativity and uniqueness while maintaining connectedness with humanity.  It is an excellent healer and energiser of the light force. It can be used to dispel laziness and amplifies the whole energy field of a person, to release inner talents of the mind.  It encourages you to be your own person and to reveal your own uniqueness, prompting you to follow your own path and not to follow the crowd.  It transforms negative energy into positive and encourages you to focus on what you really enjoy doing and want to be doing.  It promotes trust in the Universe and in the ultimate goodness in life, lifting your spirits and allowing you to be happy.  Ruby Zoisite prevents outside influences from obstructing one’s path by promoting a sense of realization of ideas and desires.

Picture Jasper is a grounding stone that awakens harmony and gives you a strong sense of who you are.  It encourages responsibility for the Earth, to care and protect it.  It helps alleviate fear and promotes contentment, joy and creativity.

Unakite helps you to live in the present moment, see beauty in life and lifts your spirits.  It symbolises community and the sense that what grows together belongs together.

Smokey quartz is grounding, cleanses and clears negative energy and transforms it into positive energy.  It forms a barrier against negative energy around you.  Smokey quartz relieves depression, instills balance and harmony and can bring peace to you.  It clears clutter of the mind to bring focus and alleviate confusion.  It helps you be right here, in the moment.  It is connected with the sounds of the Universe and makes you more aware of sounds, including telepathic sounds.

Black onyx repels negativity and also deflects the negativity of others, keeping you safe from harm. It aids in grounding so that you are not so flighty and can think and act in a more rational manner.  It also helps overcome feelings of loneliness and alienation and adds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings.  Black onyx is used to get rid of grief, enhance self-control and intuition and encourages happiness and good fortune.

Rudraksha seeds relieve stress and greatly help in reaching your desired goal. They give you an astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration and spectacular control over your mind. They bring peace of mind, protect against evil and bring prosperity. They will help destroy your pain and suffering.


Available now for NZ$60 each.  

Each necklace is about 47-50cm long (about 94-100cm in total).

Due to the nature of natural gemstones, no two are identical, each is beautiful and unique. The gemstones on your necklace will be similar, but may have different markings. There are 108 beads and one guru stone. Not only is this a stylish boho necklace, but it can also be used for counting mantras and is a physical reminder of your intentions.