The Unicorn



The Unicorn Necklace – prayer beads, mala, rosary

The Unicorn is symbolic of purity and grace and could only be captured by a virgin. It’s horn could turn poison water into potable water and heal sickness. The Unicorn Mala necklace is designed to free you from addictions, cleanse and heal you; bring you out of that dark place, with purity and grace.

If your intention is consistent with the Unicorn then this charmed piece of jewellery is perfect for you. We lovingly put together an effective combination of gemstones to heal you.

Amethyst is said to protect the wearer from drunkenness and other indulgences. It is associated with increased nobility and spiritual awareness, meditation, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, imagery, mind quieting and positive transformation. Amethyst is an amazing cleanser.

Fresh Water Pearls promote sincerity, innocence, truth and loyalty. They enhance personal integrity, soothe and calm, and focus your attention. They are used to inhibit boisterous behaviour and reflect the self so that you may see the manner in which you appear to others.

Snowflake Obsidian is believed to be “the stone of purity” and it helps you to recognise unnecessary patters in your life. It will give you strength and protection and help you change direction.

Rudraksha seeds relieve stress and greatly help in reaching your desired goal. They give you an astonishingly tremendous amount of tranquility, concentration and spectacular control over your mind. They bring peace of mind, protect against evil and bring prosperity. They will help destroy your pain and suffering.


Unicorn Necklace NZ$60

Unicorn Bracelet NZ$15  

Each necklace is about 47-50cm long (about 94-100cm in total).

Due to the nature of natural gemstones, no two are identical, each is beautiful and unique. The gemstones on your necklace will be similar, but may have different markings. There are 108 beads and one guru stone. Not only is this a stylish boho necklace, but it can also be used for counting mantras and is a physical reminder of your intentions.



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